Bergen, Norway 11 – 13 June, 2019

UTC Subsea Award 2019 – deadline for nominations 27.mai

It’s time to shine a light on the best in the subsea industry. The Underwater Technology Conference’s (UTC) annual Subsea Award is now open for entry.

The Subsea Award, presented annual at the Underwater Technology Conference (UTC), in Bergen, is designed to recognize the many outstanding achievements within the subsea industry.

The award can be given to a person or a group of people that have contributed to knowledge and understanding in subsea technology through new products, services and/or processes.

Through this award, UTF will credit the individuals behind new breakthroughs and innovation. Furthermore, we will share the story of the winner, not only with you, but also through our partner Offshore Engineer, to a wider audience outside the UTC conference halls.

The objective is to tell everyone with a brilliant idea what it takes to succeed and what all the work resulted in for the industry. The jury has been appointed by the UTF board and consists of prominent individuals from valuable UTF partners. The deadline is May 27.


You can find the entry guidelines here:

The nomination form is here:


Please nominate the person(s) or a group of people that have contributed to knowledge and understanding in subsea technology through new products, services and/or processes.


Here are the previous UTC Subsea Award winners:


The winners of the 2018 UTC Subsea Award were Kaj-Ove Skartun, Leading Subsea Engineer at Equinor, and Arve Iversen, ROV Operations Manager, Oceaneering, as leaders and representatives of the E-ROV project. The E-ROV concept is a battery-powered electric work class ROV which can be piloted from shore, via a communication buoy, without the support of a surface vessel.


The winner of the 2017, and third UTC Subsea Award was Åsgard Subsea Compressor. Lars Brenne, Statoil, Tor Bjørge, Statoil, Svend Tarald Kibsgaard, Statoil and George Kleynhans, MAN Diesel and Turbo all clearly demonstrated the value of Collaboration, Multidicipline expertise and last, but not least, Persistence to make a difference and drive technology and out industry forward.


The winner of the second UTC Subsea Award 2016 was OneSubsea®’s Multiphase Compressor. Bernt Helge Torkildsen and Simon Kalgraff, OneSubsea, and Jarle Ottar Hella and Caroline Bøe, Statoil was recognized for their significant contributions to the OneSubsea’s Multiphase compressor technology.


The first UTC Subsea Award was awarded Tracerco for their Discoveryᵀᴹ at UTC 2015. The jury recognized Discovery’s™ innovative technology, the large global potential, the fact the technology is field proven with excellent results and that it contributes to both operators, IMR companies and suppliers. Paul Featonby, Technology Manager and Tim Hough, Discovery Technology Lead, both at Tracerco, are recognized for the technology and project execution.

The UTF is an independent entity aspiring to provide more insight into the subsea industry in our region. Join us in the deep. The UTF is the driving force behind UTC, with partners GCE Subsea and SPE Bergen Section.